The DILAX success story

DILAX has achieved a convincing record of performance by providing innovative people counting and passenger counting systems that meet all customer requirements since 1988. DILAX quality, tried and tested, serves as the basis for the continuous improvement of our people counting products, systems, services and solutions and for our expansion around the world.


DILAX offers a combination of services and technology in all of its people counting and data management systems and solutions. The groundwork for this combination was laid back in 1990, in cooperation between Intelcom in Germany and DILAX in Switzerland. In 2001, Intelcom took over 100% of DILAX and retained that company’s well-known name.

Expansion and development

DILAX opened its first subsidiary outside of Europe in 2003, in the city of Montreal, in conjunction with a major contract. We currently have four other branch offices in Europe: in Switzerland, France, the UK and Spain. In 2005, DILAX expanded on its core business, passenger counting. Since then we have also offered stationary systems for use in the retail industry and at public facilities.

Innovation for the future

We constantly develop our business, products and services and have sharpened our focus on growth markets. This helps us to guarantee that we can continue to provide our customers with innovative, ground-breaking systems in the future. By diversifying our range of products, our aim is to offer you more than just data: we provide everything from system integration, services and solutions to the actual operation of people counting systems (hosting).

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Uwe Hinrichsen und Dr. Jutta Marx