Customized solutions for people counting

Count passengers, analyze visitor flows, plan marketing campaigns – the solutions offered by DILAX can give you much more than just simple people counts, thanks to the all-around service and personal support provided by our experts.

Capture and analyze your people count data

DILAX develops the right solution to meet your specific people counting needs. Our people counting systems are able to reliably capture your people count data and allow you to manage them easily via a user-friendly Web interface. Internally developed software makes it easy to display and perform individual evaluations of people count data.

Autonomous, robust people counting systems

DILAX offers fully automated people counting systems. The hardware employed is extremely rugged – suited even for steady, long-term use in railway operations – and can easily be integrated into the existing environment, helping you to keep internal project costs down.

Reliable, profitable operation

DILAX people counting systems give you a head-start in terms of knowledge and allow you to move forward with effective controlling, long-term planning and cost optimization. All of which boosts your profitability over the long run, thanks to reliable people counting data and data management systems tailored to your needs.

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