Passenger counting systems for public transport

A fully automated passenger counting (APC) system that will record the comings and goings of your passengers automatically, and precisely. The support provided by DILAX facilitates the measurement and analysis of your passenger count data through the use of custom-designed passenger count management systems and ongoing consulting services.

Passenger counting and recording and analysis of trip data

Knowing the passenger load and schedule adherence parameters of their fleets allows public transport operators to optimize processes and reduce costs. DavisWeb Mobile by DILAX is the only APC system that subsequently and automatically assigns passenger count data to the correct trips and stops. You profit from exact passenger count and trip data, even in the event of major delays, detours or extremely high headway frequency.

Passenger count data:  the perfect tool to help you meet your goals

DILAX passenger counting systems enable you to get the most out of your fleet and to perform controlling in an economical manner. As a customer you can

  • access passenger count and trip data and statistics at any time
  • generate detailed passenger counts and trip counts
  • analyze ridership statistics and schedule adherence
  • measure and compare passenger loads
  • evaluate and optimize headway times
  • fine-tune resource planning
  • reduce recurrent costs with your passenger counting solution

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