The DILAX passenger counting system

Use detailed and reliable passenger count data to optimize the operation of your public transport system. The DILAX APC system is robust and easy to use. And what’s more, our team of experts is here to support you in planning and implementing your passenger counting projects.

Your advantages

DILAX’ APC system generates reliable passenger count data and convincing advantages for you:

  • supplies extremely precise, reliable passenger count data
  • easy to use
  • operation independent of on-board computers and station-based systems
  • simple trip sample planning and controlling
  • detailed data enables you to perform sophisticated schedule adherence and passenger load analysis

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of passenger counting for public transport, we are well equipped to plan and manage complex projects and large vehicle fleets.

Precise measurement and processing of passenger count data

The DILAX APC system uses specially developed, active infrared sensors with sensor beams in the invisible infrared spectrum to count passengers. The signals are interpreted by the local counting unit and transmitted to a passenger count data management system.

Active infrared sensors

The sensors are installed unobtrusively over the vehicle doors and deliver reliable passenger count data even when exposed to direct sunlight or in darkness. Background filtering ensures precise measurements even if there are strong reflections from snow or rain.

Electronic passenger counting with cutting edge electronics

DILAX offers the right kind of counting units for all types of sensors. The integrated software calculates passenger counts and the dwell time of the passengers. Depending on the area of deployment, passenger count data are transmitted by cable or wirelessly to the data management system, via Ethernet, data bus, WLAN, GSM, GPRS or UMTS.

The data is evaluated with an internally developed passenger count data management system. Learn more about Data Management.