Applications of passenger counting systems for public transit

Rail, light rail, buses, subways, people movers: more and more public transit authorities around the world are relying on the customized passenger counting system solutions offered by DILAX for fleet management.

TransLink / Coast Mountain Bus Company, Vancouver, BC

From an initial order of 150 vehicles in 2005, over 200 additional APC systems have been delivered. A wide variety of buses are equipped, including New Flyer 40' and 60' diesel, hybrid, CNG and electric trolleys, Nova Bus LFS diesel and hybrid, Orion, as well as cutaways used in the community shuttle service.  Data transmission is via a custom APN solution provided by Rogers Wireless.  Passenger count data management is carried out via DavisWeb Mobile, including custom interfaces to several of CMBC's systems to bring additional data into the mix.

Sound Transit, Seattle, WA

Three projects have been implemented at Sound Transit since 2004:

- Tacoma Link light rail (3 Skoda LRVs)

- Regional Express buses (19 buses including New Flyer and Gillig)

- Sounder commuter rail (58 Bombardier bi-level rail cars)

Data transmission is done via cellular data on light rail and bus or via integration with an onboard WIFI on Sounder.

In each case, the DILAX APC system provides accurate counting data to the agency via DavisWeb Mobile.

North County Transit District, Oceanside, CA

Since 2010, over 80 buses have been equipped with DILAX' APC system at NCTD, including New Flyer and Supreme StarTrans.  Data transmission is done via a WLAN link at each of the garages.  DavisWeb Mobile is used for APC data management.  A data export facility to RSM Services' Ridecheck Plus is used to provide reporting data to SANDAG.

Fresno Area Express, Fresno, CA

Following intense competition, DILAX was chosen to provide APC systems for 118 buses at FAX, including New Flyer and Gillig. Data transmission is done via a WLAN link at the depot. A Google Transit interface was developed to import schedule data. The latest version of DavisWeb Mobile is used for APC data management.

Valley Metro Rail, Phoenix, AZ

All 50 Kinkisharyo LRVs are equipped with DILAX APC systems at VMR.  The system provides the agency accurate passenger counts for all stops on all trips fleetwide.  Data transmission is done via a WLAN link at the depot.

Valley Metro RPTA, Mesa, AZ

The two BRT routes at VMRPTA are 100% equipped with DILAX APC systems, integrated with Clever Devices for data transmission.

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

DILAX recently installed its APC system fleetwide on the University of Colorado at Boulder's Buff Bus.  Data transmission is done via WLAN at the depot.  The University is using its own data administration tool for reporting purposes.

Integrated Systems

In addition to the 650 vehicles in the turnkey projects mentioned above, DILAX works with several well-known North American CAD/AVL vendors who integrate our APC technology into their product offering.  Over the last four years, DILAX has delivered well over 1,000 units to our partners, which are in use throughout North America at various transit agencies, university campuses, and corporate shuttles.

Other interesting Examples of Applications of passenger counting systems in railway stations can be found in Public Facilities. For example, the outfitting of subway stations in Lausanne, Switzerland or the platforms of Canada Line in Vancouver, Canada with passenger counting systems.

Around the world, many other transport firms, retail industry companies and public facilities trust the people counting systems provided by DILAX.

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