People counting system solutions for the retail industry

Clinch an information advantage with the fully-automated collection of reliable customer count data. DILAX backs you up with custom-designed people counting systems and continuous consulting.

Automated customer count system

At any given time, there may be large numbers of customers entering and exiting shopping centers, shops and department stores. With a people counting system that systematically counts and analyzes customer movements, you can clinch key advantages and react appropriately to the traffic patterns of your customers. DILAX customer counting systems continually generate an automatic customer count, measuring flows of customers and their dwell times, at a level of detail that can include counting customers entering and leaving individual rooms.

Plan and evaluate efficiently using people count data

Use of DILAX people counting systems makes effective controlling possible, helping you to boost the profitability of your company. Amongst other things, automatic customer count data can assist you in

  • assessing and comparing store traffic count data for different¬† locations
  • determining sales/earnings per patron
  • planning and evaluating marketing campaigns on the basis of behavior analysis
  • optimizing staff levels to reflect people count data
  • monitoring waiting times (e.g. to improve queue management) and traffic patterns

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