Customer counting systems

The DILAX customer counting system provides reliable data, is easy to use and can be integrated into your network systems if necessary. Our experts are there to back you up in all aspects of planning and implementation.

Your advantages

DILAX’s fully-automated customer counting system generates reliable data and convincing advantages for you:

  • generates precise, reliable customer count data
  • easy to use
  • can be integrated into existing networks or operated autonomously
  • unobtrusive integration into the existing architecture

With our many years of experience with people counting systems we are also your competent partner for planning and managing large, complex projects, for example for shopping malls or networks of branch offices.

Precise people counting and data processing

DILAX uses internally developed active infrared sensors (IRS-320) or CCTV-counting sensors (OptoCount) to acquire customer count data. The signals are interpreted by the local slave unit and transmitted to a people count data management system.

Sensor types

DILAX uses CCTV cameras, which are able to accurately record data even at great distances. Active infrared sensors operate in the invisible infrared range and can measure customer numbers even under very weak lighting conditions. Both types of sensors can be installed unobtrusively over entrances.

Electronic counting devices

DILAX offers the right kind of slave units for all types of sensors. The integrated software measures the numbers in the customer traffic flows. The customer count data is then transmitted to the data management system or the customer’s existing infrastructure, by Ethernet, WLAN, GPRS, GSM or UMTS.

The data is evaluated with an internally developed data management system. Learn more about our Data Management for customer count systems.