Visitor counting systems and solutions for public facilities

Fully automated people counting, recording and analysis of visitor count data using custom-designed people counting systems and ongoing consulting services.

Measuring and analyzing visitor traffic patterns

For the operators of complex public facilities such as airports, exhibition centers and museums, an awareness of visitor traffic patterns is a key factor for success. It allows you to concentrate your resources appropriately by systematically measuring and analyzing visitor numbers, waiting times and area usage. The DILAX people counting system measures visitor flows precisely, delivering you valuable data and information.

Visitor count data: the perfect tool to help you meet your goals

Using DILAX people counting systems allows you to perform effective monitoring. You obtain reliable data for use as a basis for long-term, sustainable planning and management:

  • people count data and statistics can be accessed at any time
  • detailed information on visitor behavior can be determined
  • traffic flows can be measured and compared
  • waiting times can be evaluated and reduced (queue management)
  • resource planning can be fine-tuned

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