Data management for visitor counting systems

DILAX’s proprietary data management system allows people count data recorded by the DILAX people counting system to be easily displayed and evaluated.

Your advantages

The DavisWeb Enumeris data management system supports the evaluation of people count data and can generate reports for even longer periods of comparison. It is capable of combining multiple indicators and is simple to use.

  • easy-to-use graphic Web interface
  • customer-specific design
  • single installation for as many users as needed
  • allows base data and statistical analyses
  • multilingual display and documentation

People count data can be accessed and analyzed at any time

The DavisWeb Enumeris data management system functions in a purely browser-based environment and is thus suitable for use with any operating system. Customers have access to their people count data from any computer that is connected to the Internet, and the data is displayed via user-defined diagrams and tables.

Intelligently linking data

Visitor count data stored in the database can easily be linked with measurement data from other systems (e.g. weather data, cash register data). Using digital signals, the DILAX data management system can also automatically operate building systems (e.g. control the air conditioning).

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