Applications of people counting systems at public facilities

Airports, railway stations, exhibition centers or museums: around the world more and more public facilities are placing their trust in the custom-designed people counting systems provided by DILAX.

Canada Line, Vancouver, BC

Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited (WRSL) commissioned DILAX to plan and implement one of the largest and most comprehensive passenger counting systems in North America. A specially developed passenger counting system makes it possible to precisely count 100,000 people every day, at 16 stations and over a distance of 19 kilometers.  The Canada Line went into operation in the second half of 2009, shortly before the scheduled Winter Olympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver.

Metro North Railroad, New York, NY

A DILAX people counting system is used by Metro North Railroad's Yankee Stadium station to measure foot traffic to and from events.  This allows Metro North Railroad to accurately measure traffic and to plan train deployments.


Around the world, numerous public transport firms, retail industry companies and public facilities trust the people counting systems provided by DILAX.

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