Consulting on people counting solutions

Need to get the most out of your people counting system? DILAX’s consulting services put the expertise of our professionals at your disposal, guaranteeing efficient people count data measurement and analysis, even for non-DILAX systems.

More efficient solutions, lower expenses for people counting

Consulting with our experts helps to make your people counting or passenger counting solutions even more effective and lowers the expenses associated with your ongoing operations. Seize the opportunity: have us analyze your people counting systems and optimize the flow of people count data and the interfaces within the system and with external networks. We are happy to support you in installing complex people counting systems or passenger counting systems, including those of third-party suppliers.

Guidance and support on every issue

DILAX consulting provides support from the very first day of planning your people counting or passenger counting system and ensures that you get exactly the data you want from your people counting system: we help you to define the correct parameters, performance indicators and quality criteria, as well as to integrate your people counting systems with systems you already have in place. Our consulting services ensure that your people counting systems work efficiently over the long run.

For more information on our other services relating to people counting systems, please see Project Management, Support/Maintenance and Hosting.

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