DILAX hosting solutions for people counting systems

Need flexible resources to manage your people count data? With DILAX hosting, your data is in good hands, and you can count on the latest information, thanks to the provision of daily reports.

Systematic cost reduction

DILAX hosting solutions ensure that your system is run perfectly so that you get the best performance from your people counting system (or passenger counting system). We provide the expert personnel and the entire server landscape, helping you to keep down your operating costs. You can work with lower staff levels and resources, generating immediate bottom-line benefits with a low level of initial investment.

Hosting packages to meet your people counting needs

DILAX hosting packages cover all major services and are tailored to meet your requirements. Our hosting solutions have been developed specially for people counting systems. We can support both mobile and stationary systems, as well as systems by third-party suppliers thanks to our state-of-the-art hardware and software technology.

Security for your data

Your data remain your property and you can access them at any time at no additional cost. In order to maximize data security and availability, we store all information in duplicate. You enjoy the advantages of daily reviews, back-ups and checks, as well as continuous monitoring and error analysis.

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